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Whether you are looking for a relaxing break, a stimulating weekend of new experiences, or wanting to learn a new skill, we look forward to welcoming you to Lower Shaw Farm!

Lower Shaw Farm offers weekend breaks,
events and courses for adults and for families:

Carols by Candlelight cancelled

Notwithstanding the end of lockdown 2, Swindon being in Tier 2, and Christmas gatherings permitted for more than 2, we are unable to hold this year’s Carols by Candlelight. It’s too popular, we get too close together, and we sing too much for current conditions.

If we held the event in the usual way, the virus would have a field day, or at least a very good night! So, best we can do is send you all season’s greetings, hope you keep well, and say look forward to meeting again next year.

Here, for a bit of good cheer, is an interactive little film made by the Farm Yard Circus crew while in lockdown at LSF. www.farmyardcircus.com/projects

And, for lockdowns and winter nights in, here’s notice of a good read from Swindon writers.

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