Welcome to Lower Shaw Farm

Whether you are looking for a relaxing break, a stimulating weekend of new experiences, or wanting to learn a new skill, we look forward to welcoming you to Lower Shaw Farm!

Lower Shaw Farm offers weekend breaks,
events and courses for adults and for families:

Carols by Candlelight

Sat 8 December
6pm – 7.30pm
Adult £5 • Child £2

An old-fashioned twenty-first century evening in the farmyard and the old cowshed, with all the right seasonal ingredients to eat, drink, see, hear, and sing! A roaring fire to keep us warm; Jake and his performing circus crew; the Swindon Scratch Choir to lift our singing spirits; fire jugglers to juggle fire; and cartloads of carols for us all to sing, together.

This event raises money for the homeless in Swindon at Christmas and local charities. Price includes seasonal hot drink and mince pie.

Suitable for all ages. No need to book. Dress up warm and bring a torch.

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