August 2020

Local Families Weekend

Fri 7 – Sun 9 August – from tea time on the Friday evening to lunchtime Sunday!
Adult £140 • Child £70 (second child in same family £50)
Includes family room accommodation, all meals, snacks and activities.

This is a weekend for people living in the Swindon and surrounding ‘SN’ postcode area, who may know about the farm or have already enjoyed various activities at the here, but who have not yet experienced a whole weekend here and stayed as residents!

What will be on offer for the weekend?

There will be arts and crafts in the Cowshed, campfire cooking, pizza-making in the earth oven, animal feeding and egg collecting, plenty of play in the big barn, stories by moon and starlight, and maybe even big red tractor rides! There may also be juggling, board games, origami, creative writing, and yoga,. Children will be able to experience both freedom and structure, while parents or grandparents can enjoy the company of other adults, as well as having fun and learning new skills alongside their children.

The sauna will be available, as will the Hayloft yoga studio, and Cat’s music room.

Friendship and fun guaranteed!

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The Lower Shaw Farm Family Activity Holiday

Sun 16 – Sun 23 August
Adult £360 • Child £225
Lower Shaw Farm residents and friends

This is a week for people of all ages. We will do things, make things, and have a lot of fun.

Mornings are likely to be spent art and crafting it in the big shed, while the afternoons will be filled with games, outings, and walking trips.

Evenings will find us round the campfire, telling tales or reading a good book, together, singing songs, and watching stars. And those are only the official bits! The rest is determined by who comes, who connects, and who makes things happen. In the past this has included juggling, philosophy, pizza making, a cabaret, campfire cooking, cycle trips, yoga, sauna, riding on the vintage red tractor, and lots more!

This is a perennially popular high-summer week of high action and laid back inaction. Children experience both freedom and structure, while adults can enjoy the companionship of other adults, as well as having fun and learning new skills alongside their children.

The week begins after 4pm on Sunday 16th, and ends mid-morning on Sunday 23rd August.

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Yoga and Massage Bank Holiday Long Weekend

Fri 28 – Mon 31 August
£195 (Veranda room), £225 (Farmhouse room)
Mary Mcinerney and Mary Maguire

This is a much-requested, one-day-longer version of the Yoga and Massage Weekend!

A chance to unwind and be rejuvenated!

Yoga works not only on the body but also calms and sharpens the mind and leads to all-round alertness.

Iyengar Yoga will be taught in a way that is suited to beginners and more experienced practitioners. The classes will focus on postures to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.

The weekend will also include sessions on giving and receiving a relaxing and toning massage, covering different areas of the body.

On Saturday there will be an early morning Pranayama (breath control) class, then following breakfast, a two hour asana (postures) class, and a massage class. After lunch the options are to relax at the farm, use the super rustic sauna, or go on a led walk in the local area. In the late afternoon there is a restorative asana session, and a massage class.

In the evening there will be either a guided meditation, or foot baths, or time to relax around the wood burning stove, or campfire.

On Sunday morning, the programme will be the same as Saturday’s, with a late lunch, then on Monday there will be early morning Pranayama, and a last Asana Yoga session.

Departures during Monday afternoon, from about 3pm. Group size: up to about 12.

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2020 Yoga Weekends: Yoga and Massage 6–8 March, Yoga and Massage 24–26 April, Yoga and Walking 3–5 July, Iyengar Yoga 24–26 July, Yoga and Massage Bank Holiday Long Weekend 28–31 August, Yoga and Massage 25–27 September.

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