At Lower Shaw Farm, we take seriously the present Coronavirus pandemic, our responsibilities to Farm users, to the public at large, and the importance of heeding Government advice, whether or not it’s perfect.

But LSF is missing people. It’s missing you!

Even though social-distancing guidelines have newly been relaxed, alas, we still cannot run residential weekends in June and July. But look out for further announcements, positive we hope, about events in August!

However, we are able to offer a restricted, restructured, and responsible service for day and evening activities.

These include particular yoga sessions, for which see Yoga page Here.

We are also offering brand new sessions especially for families. See Here.

You may like to know that, despite the absence of the usual throngs of lovely people we welcome to LSF, the farm has been busy in another way and is thriving.

The garden has been receiving tlc like never before. Tomato plants, broad beans, and potato plants are all sturdy and knee high; runner beans are splendidly spiralling up their poles; and luscious lettuce is everywhere!  And as for flowers, the yard is  carnival of colour!

In the animal world, we have had hatchings of various colourful breeds of crazily-cute chicks and ducklings.

Yes, all is well at LSF and we do hope it’s much the same where you are.

If you need to know about anything else that is not mentioned above, please give us a call any time on 01793 771080 or write to