July 2021

Wildflower Weekend

Fri 2 – Sun 4 July
£175 (Veranda room), £195 (House room)
Patrick Harding

Patrick will lead us to a range of habitats. These include chalk downs, meadows, and woodland. We will walk slowly and have time to locate, identify, photograph, and enjoy splendid native summer flowers.

From orchids on the downs to yellow rattle in the hay meadows, there will be floral folk tales and tips about their medicinal and culinary uses.

In the evenings, there will be flowery slide shows, and books to peruse. An introduction will be given to plant identification, and in particular, to recognising the most common plant families.

Dr Patrick Harding is an expert who retains enthusiasm in the field of flora and flora. He is the author of numerous books on natural history topics, and a regular broadcaster on radio and television.

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Yoga and Massage Weekend

Fri 23 – Sun 25 July
£175 (Veranda room), £195 (House room)
Mary Mcinerney and Mary Maguire

A chance to unwind and be rejuvenated!

This weekend is suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners of yoga. The classes will focus on postures to improve flexibility, strength, and balance in the Iyengar style.

The weekend will also include sessions on giving and receiving a relaxing and toning massage, covering different areas of the body.

On Saturday there will be an early morning Pranayama (breath control) class, then following breakfast, a one and a half hour asana (postures) class, and a massage class. After lunch the options are to relax at the farm, use the super rustic sauna, or go on a led walk in the local countryside. In the late afternoon there is a restorative asana session, and a massage class.

In the evening there will be either a guided meditation, or foot baths, or time to relax around the wood burning stove, or campfire.

On Sunday morning, the programme will be the same as Saturday’s, with a late lunch. Departures during the afternoon, from about 3pm.

Group size: up to about 12.

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2021 Yoga Weekends: Yoga and Massage 9–11 April, Yoga and Walking 18–20 June, Yoga and Massage 23–25 July, Yoga and Massage Bank Holiday Long Weekend 27–30 August, Yoga Weekend 17–19 September.

Reconnect weekend!

Fri 30 July – Sun 1 August
Adult £150 • Child £75

What have you missed? Where have you been? Who have you seen? What have you been up to? What would you like to do now?

Celebrate? Make things? Walk? Talk? Play games? Have a sauna or a swing? Tell stories and sing songs round a yard fire? Meet old friends and make new ones?

We can offer some answers, some activities, and certainly cool companionship, friendship, and fun.

This is a chance to chill out at LSF, reconnect with people you have missed, meet others you really should know, and, quite simply, have a nice time.

So, ‘let’s get together and feel all right.’

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July 2021 Events

Fri 2 – Sun 4

Wild Flowers

Fri 24 – Sun 26

Yoga and Massage Weekend

Fri 30 – Sun 1 August

Reconnect Weekend

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