March 2018

Nordic Walking and Yoga Weekend

Fri 16 – Sun 18 March
£175 (Veranda room), £195 (Farmhouse room)
Melanie Mackintosh and Claire Parnell

Nordic walking is a good workout, very sociable, and a wonderful and social way of seeing and enjoying the great outdoors!

Whether you are a beginner or already familiar with Nordic Walking and Yoga, this is a weekend for you!

Nordic Walking was first developed in the 1930s in Finland for the Olympic Ski squad as a way of keeping fit in the summer months. It soon became popular throughout Europe, arriving in Britain in 2000. Since then it has become increasingly popular as a very effective way to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.

Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience. Its technique is similar to the upper-body action of classic cross country skiing. The poles propel you forward and act as stabilisers at the same time, taking strain off joints and helping to improve your posture.

Yoga too is a workout that improves your joints, muscles, and posture. And in our lovely sun-filled oak-beamed Yoga Hayloft, is also very enjoyable.

Melanie Mackintosh took up Nordic Walking as a way of keeping fit when she retired from front line General Practice and soon became an enthusiast for its health benefits and accessibility for anyone who can walk. Melanie is a trained instructor with British Nordic Walking. Claire Parnell is an experienced Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, and Teacher of a gentle style of Hatha Yoga.

Note: Walking poles and yoga mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own. Make sure you bring walking shoes, and ideally, a small day pack to hold water bottle, waterproofs and any layers you might peel off during your walk.

Booking has closed for this event

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Easter Family Holiday (fully booked, see below)

Fri 30 March – Mon 2 April
£165 • Child £99 • under two free

This is a weekend for all ages, for everyone who likes to practise and enjoy some of the older and newer Easter traditions. It’s an excuse to have a very good time together.

We shall blow eggs and paint them, bake hot cross buns and eat them, make bonnets and wear them, tell stories and hear them, hunt for nests and find them, boil eggs and roll them! In fact, egg rolling, on the slopes at Avebury, at 3pm on Easter Sunday, is a highpoint of this weekend’s celebrations. Activities will take place in the craft shed, sometimes in the farm kitchen, sometimes round the fire, sometimes on the high hills, and often in the giant hammock or on the barn swing! It is a celebratory weekend for young, not so young, and old, in fact, anyone young enough in spirit to have a good time. We like it. You might too!

The weekend begins on Good Friday evening and finishes after lunch on Easter Monday.

Fully Booked, but please email us to request an alert when dates for 2018 are available -

Booking has closed for this event

March 2018 Events

Fri 16 – Sun 18

Nordic Walking and Yoga Weekend

Fri 30 – Mon 2 April

Easter Family Holiday

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