May 2022

Singing & Music Weekend

Fri 29 April – Sun 1 May
£180 (Veranda Room)
£198 (House Room or Garden Cabin)
Child/Young person (2–25) £90
Polly Jeffries and friends

Singing and music-making is for everyone!

And this weekend is for everyone who loves to sing or play a musical instrument, with others.

Singing and music-making is good for you. Your brain and body will thank you for dedicating a whole weekend to it!.

This will be an inclusive and supportive weekend full of fun, learning, playing, and relaxing too.

There will be a whole-group singing circle; smaller groups of singers and players; sessions on folk, classical, and music theatre; and opportunities to sing and play both for beginners and experienced singers and musicians. As well as being lead, we shall also learn from and look after one another. .

Plenty of sessions will be prepared but there will also be lots of scope to put things together spontaneously. And we’ll certainly sing round the fire in the yard.

This weekend is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

It will be led by Polly - an experienced professional singer, musician, voice teacher, and workshop leader. Polly will be aided and abetted by renowned LSF songbirds Linda Lee and Martin Hawes.

Booking has closed for this event

Swindon Festival of Literature

Mon 2 – Sun 8 May

Lots of authors, talks, discussions, and workshops; plus dance, drama, music, film, and circus performances.

A festival full of cultural riches!

If you want to know more, get the full colour programme, available from 31st March, phone 01793771080 oremail or see

Swindon Festival of Literature – Children and Families Day

Sun 8 May
10.30am – 3.30pm
£5 Tickets available on the gate or at Eventbrite from 31st March

Authors, writing workshops, storytelling, word games, story walks, treasure hunts, riddles, puppets, campfire stories, and plenty of play, all day, at the Swindon Spring Festival.

Brilliant activities for all ages with words, books, authors, and performers.

The Farm Cafe will be open for light lunches, and delicious cakes and refreshments.

May Working Weekend

Fri 13 – Sun 15 May
No charge

This is a chance to get to know the farm, turn your hand to old jobs and new, enjoy good company and good food too!

An opportunity to have bright ideas by the compost heap, happy talk in the hen house, and cool chat in the kitchen. Join us to prove that many hands make light work and that today’s stranger is tomorrow’s friend.

Our Working Weekends are run in the beautiful spirit of the WWOOF organisation: we feed and accommodate you, you work, with us.

For more information on WWOOF, see

Booking has closed for this event

Circus Fun Weekend – a workshops and performances extravaganza for all ages!

Fri 27 – Mon 30 May
Adult £186
Child (5 – 21yrs) £150
(£100 second or third child in same family)
Jacob-Hi Ho, Juggler Jim, Dancing Darine, and other Farm Yard Circus friends

Have you ever dreamed of running away to join a circus?
Well, now you can, because the circus is coming to Lower Shaw Farm, and you can be part of it!

No lions, no prancing ponies, and no performing seals. Simply nice people, good company, great tuition, wonderful workshops, and three days of pure circus fun!

There will be workshops, for complete beginners as well as for experienced circus enthusiasts, in juggling (balls, clubs, passing, and more …); staff spinning, plate spinning, devil-sticks, hula hoop, and more …; aerial hoop and silks; rope walking and slack-lining; acro-balance and human pyramids; uni-cycling; and performance skills.

There will also be a fire show, a mass fire club-swinging routine, and the lighting of a fire sculpture created on the weekend, by you!

After dark, we’ll have a cabaret, UV-light performance in fluorescent room, and a Cowshed party to write home about.

And on the last day, we’ll finish off, in the fully-matted play area, with a games session, using your new skills!

Families welcome, couples and singles welcome, and beginners welcome. Everybody is welcome, because anyone can learn how to juggle, how to really play, and how to develop and improve their circus skills. We'll show you how!

Jacob Hi-Ho, a multi-talented circus artist and former UK Slackline champion; and Juggler Jim, an experienced performer and workshop leader; and Darine Flannagan, an acrobat and play leader, will all help you learn new skills and explore your potential as an individual and as part of a group in a relaxed, friendly, and well-equipped setting.

And for anyone who just wants to watch, the workshop space also has comfy sofas!

This fully residential weekend, with great food, fun, and friendship, begins on Friday evening and finishes after a late lunch on Bank Holiday Monday.

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May 2022 Events

Fri 29 April – Sun 1 May

Singing and Music Weekend

Mon 2 – Sun 8

Swindon Festival of Literature

Sun 8

Swindon Festival of Literature Children and Families Day

Fri 13 – Sun 15

Working Weekend

Fri 27 – Mon 30

Circus Fun Weekend

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