Newsletter March 2008

Lower Shaw Farm strode forward into March with the walking weekend. A small enthusiastic group enjoyed the views and wildlife of the Cotswold Water Park, and then on Sunday a view of one of the well known chalk White Horses. From then on it has been more of a sprint than a walk. 5th of March meant the long-awaited re-opening of the Wednesday Café. Would people notice the newly painted Centre? Chicks were hatched, cakes and soup were made, the café goers returned and new faces arrived.

A new event called ‘Family Discovery Day’ began; an activity day of sorts, with children and adults, feeding animals, cooking in the farmhouse kitchen, exercises in the hayloft, and crafts in the Centre. A good day was had by all, people meeting people and connections being made.

The early Easter, which brought sleet, snow, sun and seasonal celebrators, was at times chilly but mainly full of warm hearted fun, centred around various Easter activities. Eggs were blown, eggs were painted, eggs were rolled, eggs were eaten, eggs were hidden, eggs were found, eggs were hatched. The Easter Sunday parade saw a high standard of bonnets and was led by Surya on her guitar, followed by Lou the lamb growing by the minute, walking in her harness, with a bonnet to match.

The end of March saw the arrival of two lambs, Bobby Sampler (named such, as he seems to be taking a sample of milk when feeding) and Suli. As well, an offer we couldn’t refuse, two piglets! These remained nameless until the Monday health walk where it was the major topic of conversation, and Snuffle and Truffle were the decided names. When they arrived they were very shy and fought each other quite viciously, but now have settled in to their straw-y cave next to Piggy Wiggy. They are a complete delight, bringing smiles to the faces of those who visit them.

We’re tuning up for April, with the return of the Creative Music weekend, and Barbara Hicks and Mary Maguire stretching and relaxing us with yoga and massage.

‘Til we meet again – best wishes!