November 2018

Cookery School

Fri 2 – Sun 4 November
£175 includes accommodation and all meals and refreshments (if no accommodation is required, £120)
Lower Shaw Farm cook Josie Cowgill

Would you like to expand your repertoire of recipes, discover how to use a range of new ingredients, and make some interesting dishes with the more familiar ones?

As well as learning how to prepare tasty and nutritious vegetarian meals and snacks, you will also have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating from our nutritional therapist Josie Cowgill, who will be on hand to answer questions, clear up all the mixed messages and myths about foods and diets, and give advice on different dietary needs.

You will go home with many new recipes; and inspired to be even more creative in the kitchen!

The weekend begins on Friday evening and finishes after lunch on Sunday.

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November Working Weekend

Fri 23 – Sun 25 November
No charge

This is a chance to get to know the farm, turn your hand to old jobs and new, enjoy good company and good food too!

An opportunity to have bright ideas by the compost heap, happy talk in the hen house, and cool chat in the kitchen. Join us to prove that many hands make light work and that today’s stranger is tomorrow’s friend.

Our Working Weekends are run in the beautiful spirit of the WWOOF organisation: we feed and accommodate you, you work, with us.

For more information on WWOOF, see

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November 2018 Events

Fri 2 – Sun 4

Cookery School

Fri 23 – Sun 25

Working Weekend

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