October 2018

October Working Weekend

Fri 12 – Sun 14 October
No charge

This is a chance to get to know the farm, turn your hand to old jobs and new, enjoy good company and good food too!

An opportunity to have bright ideas by the compost heap, happy talk in the hen house, and cool chat in the kitchen. Join us to prove that many hands make light work and that today’s stranger is tomorrow’s friend.

Our Working Weekends are run in the beautiful spirit of the WWOOF organisation: we feed and accommodate you, you work, with us.

For more information on WWOOF, see www.wwoof.org.uk.

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Mushrooms and Toadstools – A Fungi Foray

Fri 19 – Sun 21 October
£175 (Veranda room), £195 (Farmhouse room)
Dr Patrick Harding

In the woods, on the downs, and in the fields of north Wiltshire, over 100 different species of mushrooms and toadstools have been found on our previous weekend courses.

Fungi are neither plants, nor animals. Whatever you like to call them – mushrooms, toadstools, truffles, champignons, or bolets - they belong to the fungal kingdom. Britain boasts more than 4,000 different species, including those that are edible, poisonous, beautiful, bizarre, or just plain hallucinogenic!

On this weekend, we shall explore fungal habitats, learn how to identify the big, the bad, and the edible ones while discovering their innumerable medicinal and culinary uses; the latter tested by way of fantastic fry-ups. All this and slide shows too!

Allow the miracles of mycelia and the fables of fungi both to instruct and delight you. They will and they do!

Patrick is the author of four books on fungi and a regular speaker, broadcaster, and tutor on the subject.

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Autumn Art and Craft Weekend For All

Fri 26 – Sun 28 October
£175 • Child 2–21 yrs £90
Mary Maguire, Vicky Hirsch and farm residents

As the season turns and nights draw in, we mark the change by getting together to spark our creative imaginations. We shall carve and hollow pumpkins and fill them with light; decorate small lanterns to shine brightly and drive away the darkness; make marzipan skeletons; experiment and play with drawing, painting, and print to produce mixed media artworks; and light fires and make fire sculptures to remind us of the sun.

A weekend for all ages to get together and be imaginative, and have fun, in autumn!

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Autumn Children’s Activity Day

Tue 30 October
10.00am – 3.00pm (please note earlier starting and finishing times)
£15 per child (Concessions £12)

For children aged 5 to 13 years. Outdoors and around the farm: meet the animals; enjoy arts and crafts; learn to cook over an open fire; and play, play, play in the big barn! Life is for learning and having fun at Lower Shaw Farm.

Please wear old clothes and bring a packed lunch.

Booking: This is a Children’s Project event. To book, please download and print out the Children’s Project Booking Form and send to us by post. If you wish to confirm availability beforehand, please phone 01793 771080 or email .

October 2018 Events

Fri 12 – Sun 14

Working Weekend

Fri 19 – Sun 21

Mushrooms and Toadstools

Fri 26 – Sun 28

Autumn Art and Craft Weekend For All

Tue 30

Autumn Children’s Activity Day

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