October 2021

Women’s Weekend

Fri 1 – Sun 3 October
Price: £175 (Veranda Room), £195 (House Room)

A much requested return of this weekend! - to enjoy some favourite activities: being together, doing crafts, reading, talking, walking, listening, yoga, having a sauna, singing, and being, together. We can do whatever we like, and, of course, eat plenty of good farm food.

The weekend begins on Friday evening and finishes after lunch on the Sunday.

Note: There will also be an opportunity to book an individual massage at an extra cost of £45. Please let us know on booking if you would like this.

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Autumn Art and Craft Weekend For All

Fri 22 – Sun 24 October
£175 • Child 2–21 yrs £90
Mary Maguire, Vicky Hirsch and Farm residents

As the season turns and nights draw in, we mark the change by getting together to spark our creative imaginations. We shall carve and hollow pumpkins and fill them with light; decorate small lanterns to shine brightly and drive away the darkness; make marzipan skeletons; experiment and play with drawing, painting, and print to produce mixed media artworks; and light fires and make fire sculptures to remind us of the sun.

A weekend for all ages to get together and be imaginative, and have fun, in autumn! This weekend begins on Friday evening and finishes after lunch on the Sunday.

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October 2021 Events

Fri 1 – Sun 3

Women?s Weekend

Fri 22 – Sun 24 Nov

Autumn Art and Craft Weekend For All

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