September 2021

Yoga Weekend

Fri 17 – Sun 19 September
£175 (Veranda room), £195 (House room)
Mary Mcinerney

This weekend is suited to beginners and more experienced practitioners of yoga. The classes will focus on postures to improve flexibility, strength, and balance in the Iyengar style.

On Saturday there will be an early morning Pranayama (breath control) class, then following breakfast, an asana yoga (postures) class. After lunch the options are to relax at the farm, use the super rustic sauna, or go on a led walk in the local area. In the late afternoon there is a restorative asana yoga session.

In the evening there will be either foot baths, or time to relax around the wood burning stove, or campfire.

On Sunday morning, the programme will be the same as Saturday’s, with a late lunch. Departures during the afternoon, from about 3pm.

Group size: up to about 12.

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2021 Yoga Weekends: Yoga and Massage 9–11 April, Yoga and Walking 18–20 June, Yoga and Massage 23–25 July, Yoga and Massage Bank Holiday Long Weekend 27–30 August, Yoga Weekend 17–19 September.

Mushrooms and Toadstools – A Fungi Foray

Fri 24 – Sun 26 September
£175 (Veranda room), £195 (House room)
Dr Patrick Harding

In the woods, on the downs, and in the fields of north Wiltshire, over 100 different species of mushrooms and toadstools have been found on our previous weekend courses.

Fungi are neither plants, nor animals. Whatever you like to call them – mushrooms, toadstools, truffles, champignons, or bolets - they belong to the fungal kingdom. Britain boasts more than 4,000 different species, including those that are edible, poisonous, beautiful, bizarre, or just plain hallucinogenic!

On this weekend, we shall explore fungal habitats, learn how to identify the big, the bad, and the edible ones while discovering their innumerable medicinal and culinary uses; the latter tested by way of fantastic fry-ups.

All this and slide shows too!

Allow the miracles of mycelia and the fables of fungi both to instruct and delight you. They will and they do!

Patrick is the author of four books on fungi and a regular speaker, broadcaster, and tutor on the subject.

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September 2021 Events

Fri 17 – Sun 19

Yoga Weekend

Fri 24 – Sun 26

Mushrooms and Toadstools

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