About the Farm


At Lower Shaw Farm we try to do all things well. We like to work and play, make discoveries and make friends, be serious and also have fun. We like wholesome food and enjoy good talk, or music-making and storytelling round the fire in the yard, by the woodstove, or in the Circle Garden. We reckon that today’s stranger is tomorrow’s friend and that life is for learning at Lower Shaw Farm!

Once home to seventy black and white cows, the farm is now a 3-acre oasis in an area of suburban development. It is run as a co-operative by residents Andrea, Matt, and a phenomenal team of helpers from near and far.

The main farmhouse has bedrooms for visitors, the kitchen, a dining room for small groups, and the Hayloft, our lovely yoga studio. The outbuildings have been converted to more accommodation, meeting rooms, and workshops, and there is a beautiful turf-roofed rustic sauna (shown on the right).

With its large vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, its shrubs and trees, its puddles and ponds, hens and ducks, black and white sheep, friendly pigs, vintage red tractor, and unspoilt areas for play and exploration, the farm has developed an atmosphere and character of its own. Its outer ramshackle appearance masks an inner order and warmth. It’s sort of wild, welcoming, and very nice!

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