Family Activity Breaks 2017

Easter Family Holiday

Fri 14 – Mon 17 April
£165 • Child £99 • under two free

This is a weekend for all ages, for everyone who likes to practise and enjoy some of the older and newer Easter traditions. It’s an excuse to have a very good time together.

We shall blow eggs and paint them, bake hot cross buns and eat them, make bonnets and wear them, tell stories and hear them, hunt for nests and find them, boil eggs and roll them! In fact, egg rolling, on the slopes at Avebury, at 3pm on Easter Sunday, is a highpoint of this weekend’s celebrations. Activities will take place in the craft shed, sometimes in the farm kitchen, sometimes round the fire, sometimes on the high hills, and often in the giant hammock or on the barn swing! It is a celebratory weekend for young, not so young, and old, in fact, anyone young enough in spirit to have a good time. We like it. You might too!

The weekend begins on Good Friday evening and finishes after lunch on Easter Monday.

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The Lower Shaw Farm Family Activity Holiday

Sat 12 – Sat 19 August
Adult £300 • Child £174
Lower Shaw Farm residents and friends

This is a week for people of all ages. We will do things, make things, and have a lot of fun.

Mornings are likely to be spent art and crafting it in the big shed, while the afternoons will be filled with games, outings, and walking trips.

Evenings will find us round the campfire, telling tales or reading a good book, together, singing songs, and watching stars. And those are only the official bits! The rest is determined by who comes, who connects, and who makes things happen. In the past this has included juggling, philosophy, pizza making, a cabaret, campfire cooking, cycle trips, yoga, sauna, riding on the vintage red tractor, and lots more!

This is a perennially popular high-summer week of high action and laid back inaction. Children experience both freedom and structure, while adults can enjoy the companionship of other adults, as well as having fun and learning new skills alongside their children.

The week begins after 4pm on Saturday 12th, and ends mid- morning on Saturday 19th August.

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Autumn Family Weekend

Fri 27 – Sun 29 October
Adult £150 • Child 2 – 18yrs £87

This is a weekend for families, with children of all ages.

As the season turns and nights draw in, we mark the change by getting together to make and do Autumn things. We shall carve and hollow pumpkins and fill them with light, decorate little lanterns to shine brightly and drive away the darkness, make marzipan skeletons, harvest apples and turn them into golden juice, light fires and make fire sculptures to remind us of the sun, build campfires and tell stories that warm the heart, and play autumn games that fan the flames of human imagination.

A weekend for all ages to get together and be imaginative, and have fun, in autumn!

The weekend begins on Friday evening and finishes after lunch on the Sunday.

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Family Activity Break Dates 2017

Fri 14 – Mon 17 Apr

Easter Family Holiday

Sat 12 – Sat 19 Aug

The Lower Shaw Farm Family Activity Holiday

Fri 27 – Sun 29 Oct

Autumn Family Weekend

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